a free email course for photographers who are ready to leave shoot & Burn or online sales forever.

Six practical and actionable steps for making the transition from shoot and burn or online sales to In-Person Sales, absolutely free.

Here's what You'll Learn:

  • Why IPS is the best way to serve your clients (and your business).
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    The truth about your prices when switching to In-Person Sales.
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    The real reason your clients only want digital files (and what to do about it).
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    How to sell products to every person who comes through your door.
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    The #1 thing you absolutely need to add to your business (even if you never switch to In-Person Sales).
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    Why the Sales Meeting is the "easy part" (and no-fail way to make yours easy, too).

 Chris & Adrienne Scott 

Photographers, App Developers and IPS Experts

Meet Your Instructors

Prior to co-founding the In-Person Sales tool, Swift Galleries, and creating the 21 Days to Your First In-Person Sale course, Chris and Adrienne Scott grew their photography business from struggling to $120,000 a year in their first year of In-Person Sales. Their education and tools have been featured by Professional Photographer Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine, Click Magazine, CreativeLive, SLR Lounge and many other industry publications. They live in Colorado Springs with their two kids, one dog and 8 chickens.

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